BIG BAD premiered nov, 2016 at the ballard underground

"Poetic, poignant, and macabre. Ebbing and flowing from one form of expression to the next, it's impossible to tell where the artifice ends and reality begins. It's abstract but powerful, delicate but foreboding. It's performance art without an iota of self-congratulation. It feels like the truth." - Amelia Reynolds,

Through their special blend of physical theater and macabre hilarity, DangerSwitch! presents a bedtime story that will make you never want to sleep again. Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, this funny, freaky, feminist fairytale will ask: What makes a wolf? What makes a woman? And what horrors lie between? BIG BAD is a hilarious and hungry powerhouse of a piece that dares to throw us into the dark and dangerous forest where fantasy and family collide and consume one another.

Lock the doors. Bar the windows. Stay in bed. Hold your breath. Don't go outside. Don't go into the wood. Don't stray from the path. Cause the Big Bad is coming. It's coming. It's... here.

Alyza DelPan-Monley*
Zane Exactly*
Marcus Gorman*
Jordan Moeller*
Jessica Stepka*

Design & Production Staff:
Director: Eddie DeHais*
AD/SM: Natalie Copeland Pulse
Contributing Writer: Lacy Katherine Campbell*
Prod. Mgr.: Rob Raas-Bergquist
Asst. Prod. Mgr: Beth Anne Claire Pollack
Costume Design: Cami Funk
Co-Scenic Design: Robin Macartney
Puppet, Mask, Props, and Co-Scenic Design: Zane Exactly
Light Design: Carolina Johnson
Sound Design: DR Amromin
Asst. Sound Design: Harry Pepe
Movement Consultant: Ryan Higgins
Graphic Design: Eddie DeHais
Featuring music by Josh Dent

*DangerSwitch! company member