After the amazing reception we had this past fall, audiences reached out to us to ask us to remount Mad Scientist Cabaret. We've now had another successful run! Over the course of two runs, over 800 patrons saw Mad Scientist Cabaret!!!

This show will not be produced in Seattle again anytime soon, but if you're interested in having Mad Scientist travel to YOUR town, feel free to get in touch!

Seven nightmarish creatures created by a wayward scientist embark on a madcap adventure into the weird and wonderful world of Mad Science! Bound by their own bizarreness, they toil through titillating torments, physical feats, and extended experiments on each other as they seek to discover the truth to their own monstrosity… and humanity. They take the audience on a jam-packed journey into insanity that walks the line of horror and humor. Clowning, dance, puppetry, and more come together in this playfully audacious piece.

MAD SCIENTIST CABARET was conceived by Eddie DeHais and Zane Exactly. It was first produced in the fall of 2015 by Annex Theatre. It broke the record as the top-selling late-night show in 28 years.
Director: Eddie Dehais, Associate Director: Tootsie Spangles.
Cast: Kirsten Deane, Alyza Delpan-Monley, Zane Exactly, Marcus Gorman, Jackie Miedema, Jordan Moeller, Jessica Stepka.
Set/Props Design: Zane Exactly, Sound: Chris Leher, Lights: Carolina Johnson, Costumes: Cami Funk
SM: Amy Meyer, ASM Natalie Copeland. PM: Kaeline Kine TD: Ian Johnston, Chris Leher

What people are saying about Mad Scientist Cabaret:

"Director DeHais and the cast have created a fully formed piece of theater that’s as thoughtful as it is funny. Initially, it seems like aggressive mischief is all these characters have to offer, but some segments smuggle in an unexpected dose of poignancy, like Alyza Delpan-Monley’s longing ballet routine, accompanied by transparent heart, lungs and arms puppets — just some of the meticulously designed props from Exactly [...] The show approaches the anarchic comic genius of Monty Python, exemplified by a hilarious bit that begins with some grotesque shadow play and ends with a proper tea party where one creature’s brain matter is on the menu." - Dusty Somers, The Seattle Times

"Mad Scientist Cabaret was one of the most incredible performances I've ever witnessed. The perfect harmony of inspiration and improvisation coupled with a team of enthusiastic experimentative willing brilliant minds. The type of magic that can only happen in a true collaborative team... Congratulations on an amazingly executed surrealist joyride through the mind of a dissociatively disjointed myriad of malefacted minions. Top to bottom AMAZING PRODUCTION... You created fine art. The only thing that matters. I give you beyond five... but a universe of stars and an eternity of praise." - Luke S. Walker

"Last Friday I saw "Mad Scientist Cabaret" at the Annex Theater on Capitol Hill. It was the funniest, most creative performance art that I have seen in a really long time. It is so refreshing to see a show so teeming and overflowing with intense artistic vision that I walked away inspired and excited to work on my own creative endeavors. I highly recommend going to see this while there is still time. I laughed so hard I cried. Twice." - Denise Ure